Behavior Analytic Learning & Supervision

Merging foundational knowledge with relevant technologies


These resources are provided on-demand, live, and/or self-paced. Topics range from Telehealth 101 to Remote Supervision to Classroom Behavior Support.


Our supervision is individualized, interactive, and innovative. We take a team approach, meaning you will not only get BCBA supervision from one of our team members but at least two.


Whether you’re a Supervisor or a Supervisee (trainee) we offer a membership for both. We strive to meet the need of all professionals no matter your experience level.




K-Now Solutions is dedicated to providing engaging resources, modeling best processes, and creating practical applications.

  • Collaboration – Creating a partnership with clients for successful outcomes.
  • Application – Implementing effective practices to enhance everyday life.
  • Engagement – Connecting clients and practitioners with research and methodology.
  • Innovation – Merging foundational knowledge with relevant technologies.


K-Now Solutions offered me a tailored solution to obtaining the skill I needed to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. I felt appropriately challenged, but well supported throughout the experienceJerry